Monday, May 06, 2013

Hash Run 1672 - Vaoala with Josh and SOTB

Good Morning All,

I hope you are having a lovely morning and enjoying this fine weather we are receiving in paradise!

Tonight's run will be up in Vaoala with Josh and SOTB. The run is where Carnal Knowledge and Jailbait used to live in the Westpac Compound on cross island road. The house/compound is on the right hand side just opposite the driveway to Capt Mortein's place. The house is the one at the bottom of the drive. There is minimal parking so you will have to park on the side of the road or car pool so we can try and squeeze as many cars in.

The hosts will be putting on some food for the bbq tonight and we will also have our hare setting a trail. 
We will have the nectar of life, softies and hopefully some sweet nuts to go with it all.

Run will start at 5:30pm so please try and be on time, bring your hash cash and a change of clothes...

On On!

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