Wednesday, September 09, 2015

AHHH Run for Life Results in $16,000 pledge of support for FLO

Our feisty meres and hashmen put up three teams to circumnavigate Upolu island as part of the grueling annual event - The Samoa Perimeter Relay.

This morning the "Run for Life" culminated in a massive collection and chq for Fa'ataua le Ola / Samoa Lifeline of SAT16,000.00

     "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." William Arthur Ward 

A big Faamalo and thank you to all our runners, support crews, and Hash Family for rallying behind this deserving cause.

If this can save a life, then it has not been in vain.

Our Running Teams for 2015

Team 1 – Night Hawks – running strips by Bluesky Samoa
1.       Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale
2.       Filifilia Iosefa
3.       James Atherton
4.       Jaap Jaspers
5.       Gene Barker

Support Team: Rachel Dempsey, Fogavai, Nicolas

Team 2 – “Fia Ola”, running strips by Bluesky Samoa
1.       Darryl Baker
2.       Sam Saili
3.       Aaron Stone
4.       Erica Reeve
5.       Alexandra Langley
6.       Katy Woollery

Support Team: 

Team 3 -“Samoan Sheilas” running strips by Sa’Moana Resort
1.       Ariane Stevenson
2.       Ally Drake (NZ)
3.       Nicola Mills
4.       Schannel van Dijken
5.       Courtney Stevenson
6.       Darryl Drake(NZ

Support Team:  Nynette Sass & Nessa Heschmat

ON ON!!!


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