Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hash Run 1811

Apologies, but a correction to the previous post. Message from Cunning Linguist:

Malo ni Hashers

I’ve offered to host the Monday 11 Jan run from my place in Vaivase Uta, cohosted by Alex who lives just around the corner.

Map attached, hope to see you all by 6 pm.
A not-too-hard figure-of-8 trail has been set (half of that = loop for less energetic walkers/runners).

Food is pretty much organised but I have no idea about the drinks yet -  I hope the appropriate people will take action for your $20 hash cash!
I should be home from about 3 pm onwards.

ON ON, Cunning Linguist / iapiinapia (ph 729 4913)

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