Thursday, November 24, 2016

HASH 1850 – White Sunday (36 Year Milestone)

A very special hash 36 Year milestone! This was hosted by Godfather and Titty G down at Coconuts beach. A sunny, beautiful and glorious day – Until the run began and it started to rain a little… as pointed out by a certain Hashman ‘nothing better than watching the Hash Meres get wet…’.
New Hashers for the week included:  A (not so wee) leprechaun called Martin (Meg’s lover boy). Kat (Nom Nom), Andrew, Olivia and Uta all brought by Godfather.

Retreads were plentiful this week -  Stella, who was in the Hash back in the 90s, Granny Smith who had been MIA for 2.5 years,  Mona  had been taking night classes for University, Matt was lost in Europe  but has been dragged back to Samoa to marry the wife. Cupless – had no excuses, Robert had been in Switzerland and Frederick had been running amok on the south side of the island.
Celebs – Sassygirl for being in the paper, Swinger and El Capo took one for Angry Bird.
Cunning Linguist was spotted taking his down down with a hat on, which had been passed over by El Capo. Tut tut tut!

The shoe inspector did well this week, both Mona and Swinger took turns at drinking their Vailima out of their brand new shoes… mmmmm tasty sweat!

There were a lot of whingers out on the run today, and the GM decided punishment must be imminent. It must be noted that it wasn’t just Hash Meres that were whinging, in fact – it was mostly Hashmen --  El Capo, Snake, Captain Mortein,  Snake, Lewinsky.

Running and walking on the hash run is sometimes considered to be an achievement in itself, but this week our new friend Andrew took this achievement to new heights – he wore Thongs (I’m Australian – therefore, I get creative licence to not call them Jandals) for the entire run – however I must concede that the award he was given was the ‘Palagi Jandal’ award.

Godfather is known for being a kind and generous man, however this week he was nominated for ‘severely over preparing’ in preparation for the special run.
Due to some unfriendly creatures in the sea, medical assistance was required following the run. Dr Sneaky Snake and his able assistants Strapon and Cupless were able to assist with the help of a trust knife or two.

There was an impersonator in Apia during the week – it was ROBERT! Actual accusation of what he was doing is unknown.

Nominations were soon to begin – hold onto your running shoes peeps, there are quite a few!
1) Lewinsky  - was given the show pony award for holding – and I quote ‘Onto Pod’s ponytail when he goes for a ride’.
2) Titty G scored one for working too hard, but was quickly joined by Godfather for not being happy with her performance and wearing her out too often.
3) Meg and her ‘Irish Prick’ for letting Sassy down in the gym, and creating their own workouts in the bedroom without her.  – Sassy was told to join them for being ‘A green eyed monster’.
4) Cupless gave Karaoke a compliment telling her that she’d lost weight, and Karaoke replied with ‘Oh, you’ve gained weight’. – Both scored a down down.
5) Pusiapa was nominated for sitting down
6) El Capo was given a down down for tripping over a mouse cord and pulling a muscle in her quad, thus impacting on her perimeter training.8
7) Parents award – Captain Mortein, Pirate Princess, Pod, Lewinsky,  and Cupless were all punished with a down down from Sassy due to damages caused to her Fijian lavalava whilst babysitting their children in the water.
8) Vailima Breweries award was giving to Godfather for being a good friend of the board
9) Nom Nom was givien one for breaking his drinking ban – but he claimed ‘It’s a public holiday – it needs a beer!’
10) Sassy got one for perving on Nom Nom and was joined by Prue for helping NomNom look so good with some good ol’ sexercise.
11) Meg was nominated for blowing her own horn on her birthday

To celebrate the 36 Hashing Milestone – Anyone under 36 was required to take a down down – Stand up: Gayboy, Nom Nom, Snakebite, Meg, Prue, Mona, Pirate Princess, Martin, Pusiapa, Kat and Granny Smith.

To celebrate the mismanagement Hash team – Godfather, Titty G, Pod, Nom Nom, Sassy, Lewinsky, Crime and Eveready took a down down together.
Finally, last but not least, a special down down for our amazing GM – POD who to date is the longest standing Hash GM and Godfather noted ‘How proud of her’ he was.

With a  quick rendition of ‘Can’t help falling in love’ it was time to eat and party!


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