Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hash Trash 1851

This weeks hash was hosted at the prime location of Gayboy’s  parents restaurant near the wharf. Although it was a smaller hash, lots of fun and laughter was still had.

Newbies – Matt (son of Blackswan) , Anne and Rachel (all friends of Blackswan). Black Swan was given a down down for not telling her son about Hash etiquette and allowing him to wear his hat AND glasses whilst in the circle.

Retreads – Kiran claims he’s been working hard – or hardly working, Allesandro had been at home, and Wrongway Roger had been gone for 18 years.

Shoe inspector was a happy hashman this week as he found TWO people with new kicks. Both Wrongway Roger (18 years away wasn’t an excuse) and Trish both drank out of their new shoes.
Celebrities – The entire Hash group who were at Slim Shady’s run the week prior, and a special one for the ‘old decrepit snake’  who had taken the photo.

This day in history:
1931 – All capone was sent to jail – El Capo
There was a civil war at some point in America  - Sunnyside Up
A German shoemaker lead a robber in oil – Crime and Prince (for being a sheik/greasy)

The tightass whinger award – Was given to Gayboy for whinging about how much the cashpower for beer dispenser was going to cost him. For the record it was $1.80. Snake flipped Gayboy a $5 to shut him up.
Swinger was nominated for having a goat? Petting a goat?  Marco Polo got a down down for turning two which was taken by his Dad, Captain Mortein. To celebrate his birthday, Pirate Princess also took a down down for teaching her son to boogie.

Latecummers this week were Crash and Delicious – apparently had been tied up elsewhere before coming to hash. Pusiapa was presented with a down down for not teaching her boys  to come on time to job interviews with Snake and Lewinsky.

Over zealous award was given to Prince for hiking to Lake Lano’to with his stand up paddle board.  We were all disappointed there was no video footage to record this.

A fight had broken out at Cocks on the Rocks which resulted Lewinsky being in a fight with women, Crime ending up with Lewinky’s shirt.  Lewinsky was nominated for lack of security, Witch Doctor was dragged in for cooking the steak that caused the fight and Gayboy too because it was his sister that was the main woman in the fight.
The GM was given a down down for overtaking the hare – and complaining loudly that he wasn’t fast enough. Prue was also given one for ‘being ride behind her’.

Matt had forgotten to take off his hat in the circle -s o he and Black Swan did a double down down together.
Cunning Linguist was given a down down for  groping Trump or was it Trump groping – either way, keep your hands to yourself CL!

Kiran was punished for not replying to messages about upcoming events, Gayboy was brought in for fungus growing in his restaurant and Captain Mortein joined the hash men for making up stories about fluff.

It was time to thank the host and hare – Gayboy and Prince. Rachel was asked to join them as she’d done a marvellous job as bar wench as too was Slim Shady even though she was accused of ‘too much head’. Just before the down downs were taken, Lewinsky piped up with ‘ You gotta make sure you pull it all the way otherwise it doesn’t cum’ .


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