Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hash Trash 1849

Hosts tonight were Slim Shady and Strap On – Hare – Slim Shady.  This was a Hash with a difference – the goal was to clean up the areas between Slim Shady’s house on Cross island Road and up and around Mt Vaea.  85.26kg

Newbies for the evening included – Elizabeth and Chris who had been brought by Snake as a ‘legal couple from Australia’, Snake was given the down down however as he did not clearly explain the rules.

Retreads this week included: Swinger for trying to organise his liver transplant, Iron Lady for looking for love in all the wrong places , Titty G for chasing Godfather around, Godfather because Titty G finally caught him, Speedhumper has been cumming and going a lot.

Shoe inspector cunning linguist failed – so was forced to take the down down himself.
Nomations were fast and heavy this week:
- The ‘Climaxing together award’ was presented to El Capo and Speedhumper for climaxing together, and Strap On got one too for ‘Climaxing twice!’.  It was also noted that all the newbies climaxed too.
- Cougar received a down down for talking in the circle and Godfather was also nominated for finding a pair of kids undies…

Went to Lewinsky because he told someone they were going to host Hash, they were all ready but then poor Gayboy told some convoluted story about Pod, a pub and hair pulling.
- CL was nominated for hiding in the bushes after he drank too much niu and was nominated for pulling his pants down and ‘advertising’. This was reported by two shocked Hash Meres.
- Slim Shady was nominated for her ‘22nd Birthday’ and setting us a ‘run to remember’.  Her down down was presented in a giant cock class, which Iron Lady helped her swallow…err drink? She was also given a present from Snake and Fang – vibrating jewels  for he rmini. It was noted it was also Malu’s birthday too.
- Godfather was nominated for emulating Snake – and slinking away to NZ for his 70th birthday! Not a chance Godfather – both he and Mele were presented with three glorious cakes include a giant red bra’s susu cake.

The whole premise of Slim Shady’s run was to collect rubbish – With 33 adults and two children a whopping grand total of 85.26kg was collected!!! MALO LAVA HASH!  


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