Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1465 Mother's Day

This run was held at the marvellous Matareva Beach, soon to be the venue for some shite American reality show. For some real reality, Snake and some of the hash kids together with Will, were dispatched to set a trail through the surroundings. Late arrivals meant that the run was started via cellphone. As can be seen from the photos provided by Gabor, it was a leisurely start along the sandy track, then an arrow pointed us across the beach towards the mangroves and jungle. That’s when reality bit. Scratching vines, moss covered stones and difficulty in spotting the flour piles made progress slower, then slowed it right down. The hares had found some nearly impossible crossings and first down to his waist in the mud was Poumuli, rapidly followed by Avril, Selena and others. The cursing was by now reaching internationally unacceptable standards. After some crawling and getting more wet, we finally found the On Home marker and re-crossed the beach. A nice dip, and cleaning off, in the blue sea.

There were a lot of absent hashers, so your assistant trainee scribe stepped in as temporary informal GM. There were no newcomers or re-threads. Celebrity Awards were given to Wahoo (her dad in the paper for the fishing tourney) and Poumuli (yet another climate change story). Poumuli recounted a dream involving a big ugly screeching mynah bird, after which he woke up to find that there was indeed a screeching bird in the house, so Dawn Raid took a Screeching Bird Award.

Ring Ring made a quick mistake in using real names in the circle, and Avril was given the Mexican Cursing Award for her innovative use of Spanish terms for private parts during the run. We all learned a few new ones. Crime was dobbed in for leaning.

As the circle had started Selena had started a barbeque that was clearly too small for the massive roast that she had brought so Godfather nominated her for a Hopeful Award. You can all see it in the photos – but as it turned out she managed to cook it, and it was delicious!

The Hares were called in for their award, and Fang was given the Nominal Host Award. As there were still a few full glasses left, Gabor, Will and Dawn Raid were given the Just For The Hell Of It Award.

Lets hope we have a better turnout next week. See you all then.

On On!



  1. Two hashers stumble out of a pub at about 4:00 in the morning.
    They stagger to the nearest lamppost and lean against it when along comes a policeman.
    One pipes up, "A'scuse me, ossifer, but I wonder could you tell me if the last bus to Letogo has left yet."
    To which the policeman replies, "Of course it has. It's four o'clock in the mornin."
    The other then weighs in and says, "Sorry, sir, but I be wonderin if the last bus to Afega has left yet."
    The officer again replies, "Of course it has! It's four o'clock in the Bleedin mornin!"
    The first then starts up again and asks, "Could you tell me please, ossifer, has the last bus to Vaoala gone yet?"
    The policeman is really irritated now so he shouts, "It's four in the Bloody a.m., and all the fookin' buses have gone!"
    And with that SOTB turns to his friend and says, "Okay, Lewinsky, we can cross the road now."

  2. Hahaha...Poumuli...youve got a few down downs coming your way on Monday...