Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Now You're Chattin'

The Grandmaster, Eveready gave the approval for us to upgrade our Chat Box (that box on the left hand side of our blog). Now you can exchange messages with Hashers in real-time! You should find this Chat Box even easier to use. There are additional features like a chat archive, name protection, and more… but will not bore you with the details. ‘Just enjoy the juiced chat box.

Give it a try. Stay in touch. Share the trash!!!

On On!

PS: Tell the GM what you think.


  1. I think its a great idea, and hope we can expand the message size at some point. This poem I found was a bit too big.
    Tuilaepa is my shepherd, I shall not work. He leadeth me beside the still factories. He restoreth my faith in the Tautua party. He guideth me in the path of unemployment. Yea, though I wait for my relly to send money, I own the bank that refuses me. Tuilaepa has anointed my income with surcharges and VAGST, my expenses runneth over my income, Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of his term. From hence forth we will live all the days of our lives in a rented home with an overseas landlord.
    I am glad I live in Samoa,
    I am glad I am free.
    But I wish I were a dog
    And Tuilaepa was a tree…

  2. Increased the message size to 200 characters. Looks like it's about the 'right' size. Hope that helps. Mr. Whippy.

  3. Hey Poumuli....I love the prayer..now youre talking!!!!LOL