Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1475

Your official scribe is away so you are stuck with the incomplete scrambled false memories of Mr. Whippy.

Slippery, Susanne & Kiwi hosted Monday’s run at Slippery’s residence in Vaivase. There was limited parking space, but with creative parking we made do. Several were dressed in Christmas attire as per the theme and some completely forgot i.e. Mr. Whippy. The run started about 15 minutes late. The run started well but soon came to a screeching halt with everyone trying to find the trail that leads out of the Vaivase ravine. After 20 minutes or so, the troops gave up and made their own trail, eventually circling back on home. Some, like Lewinski and FBI did an extended run to help prepare for the upcoming perimeter relay.

The troops arrived back at Slippery’s. The keg was ready but soda missing. Lewinski recruited Mr. Whippy and they did an emergency run to take care of our soda drinkers. Snake cornered many, getting people to sign-up for Hash Cash. BB and Ring Ring accepted the Hare Raiser position, and quickly went about gathering all the scheduling materials and info from Snake and crew.

Tonight’s guest GM was Crash Bandicoot. Crash called the Hash circle and the awards began. There were a few new boots who are only here for this week. They sailed to Samoa and are staying at the Marina. They were in great spirits. We had about (6) retreads as well – was busy pouring the beer so can’t remember who they were! There were no new boots.

Crash commenced the GM’s awards. FBI was tagged for something, but Snake had to drink for him (the logic? Snake was the closest relative). Ray Charles was tagged for admitting that he didn’t drive his brand spanking new red truck last week because it was raining. Lewinski got tagged with a double down-down for arranging for Happy Feet’s care so that he can smooch Princess of Darkness, then later having the smooch marks to show for it. Kiwi, Suzanne, Slippery, and Son of the Bitch got tagged for confusing the troops with the trail they set. Tony Blair got zapped for his especially creative parking job using the local sidewalks.

Then the Monk showed-up. Cursing and shouts announced her entrance as she tackled a tree. The Monk quickly called Michael front and center. Recalling Michael’s spirited visiting and enjoyment of Samoa’s tourist hang-outs, the Monk named him Strangler. The Strangler was especially naughty during his naming, feeling-up the Monk! After the Monk peeled-off the Strangler, the Monk pointed to Heather and called her forward. The Monk spoke about Heather’s affinity for making and wearing all sorts of hats and thus named her the Mad Hatter. Then the Monk spotted Susanne. The Monk recited Susanne’s history of bloodletting and the Monk being inspired by the latest hit at Magic Cinema, Lesbian Vampire Killers (this can’t really be a movie can it?), named Susanne the Vampire Killer.

After the naming, the Monk did a pole dance, followed by a farewell down-down.

Then the floor for nominations opened. Crash got tagged for a huge photo in the paper for which he quickly retorted, “it’s about time we got somebody else in there.” And there were a few more nominations of the usual variety. The former GM, Eveready announced that he and Karaoke will sponsor one of the Hash perimeter relay teams – Team Desirable. He said that although they may be in New Zealand during the run, that they will be with us in spirit. He also said that he wanted team Desirable to wear the color PINK. Crash then called-up the Hair and the Hosts, and finished with the customary down-downs.

At that point Slippery and crew handed out candles and Christmas song sheets. Godfather then led us through a brilliant set of Christmas songs. Once complete, the circle closed, and the forces rushed the table of yummy food.

On On!

Mr. Whippy.

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  1. Malo Mr Whippy for the drunken effort to scribe the nite's madness LOL...correction...Suzanne is Lesbian Vampire and not Vampire Killer... has a much better ring me-thinks LOL