Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mismanagement Team Forming...

The Mismanagement team is forming... Princess of Darkness (POD) has kindly taken the position as GM and is assembling her team. So far the positions are as follows:

o Grandmaster - Princess of Darkness
o Hash Monk (torments & assigns names) - UNFILLED
o Hare Raiser (schedules runs) - BB & Ring Ring
o Brewmaster (gets the beer & soda) - Lewinski
o Hash Cash (manages the cash) - Heather (for July)
o Haberdasher (counts runs & issues shirts) - Fang
o Hash Mugs (keeper of the mugs) - Crash Bandicoot
o Hash Nuts (brings the nuts) - UNFILLED
o Hash BBQ (keeper of the BBQ) - Snake
o Scribes (shares news & maps) - Poumuli & SOTB
o Blog Heads (manages the blog) - Mr. Whippy & SOTB

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very very much to our previous GM-Eveready for the sterling job last year....i look forward to a return of GM Eveready within the next period perhaps... Hearty Congrats or is it commiseration to the new Mismanagement LOL...Thanks a mil POD and the team for stepping in to ensure our AHHH rolls along smoothly...ONON