Friday, July 03, 2009

Hash Run 1473 - Mon 6 Jul 2009

Be sure to join us for Snake’s 1,000th Apia Hash House Harriers Run. This run, Hash Run #1473 will be at the Snake Pit downtown (see map). NO FEES and FREE BEER for all regular Apia Hash members and those with Hash names. Snake will be donating a keg, and Apia Hash will be donating a keg. Witnessing a 1,000th run is a very rare event – it may not happen again for 20 years.

1,000th Run Fact: If you ran every week, it would take (19) years and (12) weeks to reach (1000) runs.

On On!

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  1. Wish to convey gratitude and special thanks to Snake/Fang for the wonderful host last night! The hash trail run was gruelling - malo Snakey! Look forward to the next 1000 years in the making. All the best, FBI