Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1472

This week’s has was hosted at HQ 1 – also known as On The Rocks – down on Beach Road in Apia. It was a live run with Dawn Raid as hare. He took us at a fast pace out by the sea wall and around the Government Building, across the sodding wet grass, across the lights to Vaea Street. At this point he was nearly caught by Will, but off they went across the fields into Mulivai. At this point the shortcutters were going across all sorts of fields, and the hare was trapped at a locked gate. Scrambling across this was clearly a hazard, and Swinger may have left his goolies behind on the spikes. Kamikaze made some interesting noises too. The hare set off again, with Will, Chris and others in pursuit. We went down Faatoia Road and turned down Ififi Street for the On-Home. A short sharp run in other words. Most of the pack made it back, but Tallyho went the long way home ostensibly to safeguard the family mules. At least that was what it sounded like.

At HQ1, POD took on the task of acting GM and quieted the brash hashers with sharp commands. New to hash were Brent from the US (climate change student) and Simon from NZ (vet student). The rethreads were Hannah, Dawn Raid and SOTB. No new shoes, so AC/DC began his long night. For not explaining the rules of hash, Hannah had a down-down for Simon – remember to take your hat off in the circle!

The GM wanted to award Swinger for the Sex Change of the Event, but in his absence awarded Poumuli for using the word goolies. Shortcutting Bastards Awards went to Tallyho, Slippery and Crash Bandicoot (straight to the bar again!). Celebrity Awards went to Sassygirl and Poumuli, with SOTB being added in for pretending to read Newsline. A joint Public Exposure and Perving Award went to Brent and Sassygirl, respectively. AC/DC was leaning so front and centre he went.

SOTB called for a Slavery Award for Crash Bandicoot, who had made him work all weekend. Snake provided the crucial information that they had been observed drinking beer all afternoon, so SOTB joined in the award – I mean what sort of slavery is that?

Ray Charles was observed smoking in the circle and was also awarded for wearing slacks to hash. Snake tried another fast one by seeking a Rethread Dishonesty Award for Mermaid (awarded) and POD (not!), so Snake got the False Accusation Award. Poumuli sought the GM’s ruling on hash rule 14(c) on the use of real names during the hash run. It was decided that this had only been applied to the hash circle, so Poumuli joined Will for a down-down. (Your assistant trainee scribe vividly remembers that Shafter had awarded someone for this breach of the rules, but nevermind. The hash blogs from past years is as blurry as my memory at that point.)
Sassygirl presented Slippery with a Predator Award for chatting up all the hash meres during the circle, and also Delicious for short-cutting. Ray Charles awarded Crash Bandicoot and AC/DC for something that escaped your assistant trainee scribe. The GM finished off the evening with the Hare’s award to Dawn Raid.

Next run will be Snake’s 1,000th hash, so expect a good one.

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