Friday, June 19, 2009

Luana's Thank You

To Our Dear Hash Friends,

Just a short message to express our heartfelt thanks for all your support. The wreath was beautiful and your monetary contribution is greatly appreciated, but seeing so many of you both at the family service and at the funeral made our load a little bit lighter. We also want to thank all those who took the time to write messages of love and support on the Hash blog. We realize many of those messages are from hashers overseas who were not able to be here in person and we appreciate your love and support for us.

Luana’s sudden and tragic departure has turned our lives upside down as you all can imagine and we’re still struggling to come to terms with it. Please don’t be offended because we won’t be attending our Monday hash runs for a little while as we are desperately trying to get back on our feet and get on with life. We have always regarded the hash family as some of our best friends and up to now that is still the case. We will return because all the friends we have all attend Hash.

As the Ex-GM, I want to apologize for ending my term in office three weeks early. I’m certain the new GM who ever it will be will do an excellent job because Hash is full of very talented and over achiever runners. In the mean time please carry on with hash as usual and if you are in need of any help from myself, Karaoke, or Delicious, you have only to ask. God knows we owe each and every one at hash for their love and support.

With much love for you all, Eveready, Karaoke, Delicious, and the rest of the family. ON ON.

Click here to read Desirable's (Luana's) condolences and memories.

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  1. Dearest GM, Karaeoke, Delicious, Anton, Nola and the whole family...our hearts are with you as you grieve. We all understand you need time and we look forward very much to seeing you again at the circle. We love you all very much and miss you. Time will heal the incredible pain and sadness. Our Desirable will live and rock on in our memories and hearts.

    ps. My vote is still Eveready for GM...we can wait!!!

    Alofa atu