Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hash Run 1471 - Mon 22 Jun 2009

Seema and Crown of Thorns will be hosting Hash Run #1471. This will be Crown of Thorns farewell run. So be sure to join us, run hard, wish Crown of Thorns a Manuia Malaga, and enjoy the evening. We haven't run in this area for ages. It's a great location with plenty of trails, road, and bush. It's getting dark early now, so get there on time. Siusega is about 10 minutes from town so plan accordingly.

Am posting a hybrid of SOTB's fine map and Seema's written instructions. They are looking forward to the run!

Starting at Tony Blair's flat:
"... Keep going straight on Tafaigata Road (you are basically heading in direction of Robert Louis Secondary School and the Landfill and Prison); you will come to a tarsealed road on the right (it sort of heads uphill). Carry on past this road and start looking for rubbish racks on the right hand side.

The second rubbish rack (there’s also a funny white concrete pillar thing next to the rack) marks my driveway. It’s a rough dirt track and the house is at the end on the left. If you miss this, you will come to another proper road – you can also get to the house from that road – gate will be open and marked but you need to park on the road. "

On On!

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