Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1469

Many thanks to Underrated and X-Rated for the fantastic Hash run last night.

Your scribes are away, so you’re stuck with some random poorly written words from Mr. Whippy.

It was a beautiful day for a Hash run in Samoa. There were blue skies and just enough clouds to keep the temperature pleasant. Hashers began pouring in to Underrated and X-Rated’s home just before 5:30. Soon thereafter, Princess of Darkness sent the Hashers off for the run. The run went up Papase'ea Road, then across Papase'ea, around Alafua, and then on home to Lotopa. There were a few well designed falsies to keep the fast runners from getting too far ahead. Ring Ring’s son Buzz was tough. He stayed with the pack and did the whole run. All the runners finished and the sun set a few minutes later.

We had a good turn-out; about 30 Hashers or so. Godfather and Princess of Darkness (POD) had to leave early. Mr. Whippy was conscripted to serve as the GM for the night. POD was most thoughtful before she left, providing several names for down-downs :).

The Hash circle formed and the awards began. Crash Bandicoot was kindly manning the keg keeping the Hash mugs full. We kicked-off with three new boots. A couple visiting and a special guest, Desirable’s father Kevin from Australia. Unfortunately during their introduction, the couple said that James brought them to Hash. Then Snake said, “James, you should have a down-down for…” Of course, the GM immediately made both Swinger and Snake drink. And thus started the down-downs. Having witnessed the proper way to do a down-down, our new boots had down-downs of their own. Then the retreads came-up and had their down-downs: Crash Bandicoot, Popeye, Kiwi, Adam and a few others I can’t remember (too much beer). There were the usual weak excuses like “I live in Australia now”, “my wife won’t let me go”, etc.. There were no new shoes.

With that we started the GM’s awards. The few I can remember are: Cleanest Hashers Ever Award – Snake and Underrated, Female Driver Award – Ring Ring, Eco Disaster Award – Lewinski, Tuff Guy Award – Buzz, Media Slacker Award – SassygirlBJ, Slavedriver Award – BB, Indiana Jones Award – Swinger, Photos 2 Music Award – Son of the Bitch, I Can’t Stop Leaning on this Car Award – Adam.

Then the floor was opened-up for nominations. ‘Can’t remember them all. The GM got whacked for setting-up the Blog for Desirable, SOTB for helping BB on a Holiday, Snake for uh? Being Snake, Underrated, Crash, SassygirlBJ, Adam, and anyone else who looked thirsty :)

We closed the awards from the floor. And Kevin came up, said some kind heartfelt words thanking the Hash for all their help and support for Desirable and the family. Kevin then took a down-down for Desirable.

We did have a timeout or two where we discussed how we all missed Desirable and thanked Kevin for joining us and sharing his thoughts during this difficult time. SassygirlBJ thanked everyone for their contributions. Snake told us how Tony Blair and Selena were at the hospital every night for the family. There is no doubt that the Apia Hash House Harriers love Desirable and her family. We will all miss her dearly. Our hearts are with Karaoke, Eveready, Delicious, Kevin, and their family.

Click here to read Desirable's (Luana's) condolences and memories.

And finally, we finished the down-downs with the Hair and the Host, Underrated and X-Rated. Next week’s Hash will be hosted by SassygirlBJ and Torpedo at the Blue Lagoon (next to headquarters, On the Rocks). After that announcement, we closed the Hash circle.

X-Rated put on a great spread. There was plenty of yummy food and many Hashers went for seconds. Many, many thanks. The beer was cold, tasted great, and lasted well into the evening. Yes, it was a great Hash run.

On On!

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