Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1470

The run was a live run hosted at the STA Fale by Sassygirl. The live hare was Swinger who was apparently caught on the run. Your assistant trainee scribe had only arrived straight from the airport and missed the run, but apparently it was a leisurely affair along the sea-wall.

Mr. Whippy stepped in as GM for the hash circle, and after checking that there were no new boots, turned on the re-threads. Dawn Raid, Kamikaze, Bits and Pieces, and Poumuli all had too lame excuses and were given large ones. The GM’s Exuberant Hashers Awards went to SOTB, Crash Bandicoot, Lewinsky and Underrated for post-hash activities at HQ1. A Hash Hero of the Week Award went to Michael who had apparently rescued a damsel in distress.

As he was looking for volunteers for the acting GM for the hash circle, Mr. Whippy was met with obstinate refusals, so the GM’s Draft Dodger Awards went to Poumuli, Snake and Underrated. The GM also awarded Female Driver Awards to Sassygirl, Ring Ring and Fang, simply because, er, they are female drivers. Kamikaze received the Flip Flop Award for consistently turning up in, er, flip flops. Snake received a Kamikaze Award for some reason.

In honour of those who show up early for hash even when the venue had changes, the Early Bird Award went to Emma and Will. The hash has many skilled yachtsmen, and the GM paid tribute to the Captain of the Week – Bits and Pieces. Walking Eagle quickly picked up the I Can’t Help Leaning Against This Table Award. Fashionably Late Awards went to Lewinsky, BB and Crash Bandicoot.

The GM opened for nominations, so Poumuli requested a Poumuli Road Award for Dawn Raid. This backfired into a Not Inviting Hash To Your Birthday Award for Poumuli. In quick succession Swinger got one for leaning, Ray Charles for having a new red car.

A Vampire Award was called for to our visiting Canadian Suzanne for organizing a blood donation day, which was doubled due to the media exposure and which went down at the usual speed of light.

Poumuli called on Sassygirl for her extensive tourism campaigning which has now extended to the branding of a Sassy Red Beer in NZ. SOTB called Crash Bandicoot for a Smelly Cup Award (not sure here, but don’t really want to know). Sassygirl awarded the Literacy Award to Ring Ring for not reading the blog. She also asked the rhetorical question – who brings cake to hash – which then was awarded to Suzanne. A Best Dressed Award was dreamed up by Lewinsky and handed to BB, Ray Charles and Heather (for a Little Red Riding Hood outfit). Sassygirl called for the Upholstery Award to be given to Lewinsky and Crash Bandicoot for the success of their new venture. On a roll, she pointed out that FBI had no down-downs and needed one, Snake and SOTB for letting a live hare go, and Swinger for hugging on the trail.

The host and the hare – Sassygirl and Swinger – took their customary awards, closely followed by a late Advertising call from Lewisnky aimed at SOTB. He was wearing a Guinness shirt (Tall, Dark and Handsome), and there was some dispute as to what was being conveyed here, but consensus ruled and SOTB was penitent. A further late call went on FBI for the Passionate Manu Samoa Award for his behaviour during the recent Samoa-NZ rugby game.

Next run will be hosted by Crown of Thorns and Seema at Seema’s place in Siusega, and not in Vaola as earlier stated.

On On.



  1. Hi Poumuli,

    I'm Australian actually! And a librarian rather than a nursing student. And I dontated blood rather than organising the event.

    You must have had even more down downs than me!


  2. Poumuli must have been thinking about his "Nurses Gone Wild" dvd's. :) Mr. Whippy.

  3. thats a down down for the scribe for not getting his facts straight...

  4. Oh dear - will have to pay more attention, but I did have jet lag!