Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hash Trash 1530

Assistant Blogmaster’s notice: Apologies to all for late posting. Also apologies for no run site being posted for the 9th of August – never received anything from the Hare Raiser. I would like to encourage the Hare Raiser to contact me regarding the 16th August run so that I can post it.

The Hash was hosted by Strangler and Mad Hatter at their home on Bernard St in Vaoala. There were (apparently) two trails – one for runners and one for the walkers. The run, set on paper, involved a meandering route uphill, then downhill, uphill again, then along the river bank through some grazing land, downhill (straight downhill), more uphill, through people’s taro patches and back yards and finally up through some rocky forested landscape that brought you back out onto Bernard Street and on home - a good workout for all.

GM POD invited those new to AHH to introduce themselves. There was David (brought by Greenie) who had been in Samoa 6 years ago (and never come to Hash), Lizzie (invited by Hot Nuts), Angela (Psychadelic). Unfortunately for Greenie, CB had struck surreptitiously, confusing poor David who said he had been invited by someone called “Steve”. So that was the first down down for the evening, closely followed again by Greenie for failing to remove his cap.

Rethreads Black Adder and Kat were welcomed back while two additional new boots (Pierre and Antonia) were brought into the middle for failing to front up during the first call.

New David had new shoes so he drank out of them. .

Angela and Fang received celebrity awards. Fang was especially honoured for becoming the first qualified female electrician in the country.

Lewinsky was charged for chariot riding along with SOTB and Sassy.

Captain Mortein was called up for blaming his lack of action in the bedroom on his sore leg while Pirate Princess was also awarded by GM for failing to put out.

SOTB is heading to India for 3 months so he was farewelled by the group.

David had a case of telephonus interruptus but Greenie was charged for failing to explain the basic rule of hash to a newcomer.

Crash Bandicoot and Everready were awarded for their brightly matching elei shirts and GM considered this may have something to do with their plans for the evening since both were temporarily single.

Strangler was nominated for not having the right tools for the bbq while Mad Hatter quipped that he never has the right tools.

Sassy nominated Mia for the stupidity award (that is a new one, thinks co-scribe) for managing to sprain her ankle while running on the flat.

Captain Mortein received a deafness award…something to do with a nomination for chariot riding.

SOTB launched into a nomination (for what, co-scribe never did find out) but was shouted down by the circle which conferred on him a “Boring Bastard/FBI” award instead.

Screamer having first asked for reprieve from an FBI award, nominated Greenie for the stamina award for first paddling to Savaii on Saturday in rough environs then coming back and paddling back to Apia from Mulifanua. The award was unanimously changed to the Crazy Bastard award.

CB was off on some sort of 3-week work stint off a catamaran in remote parts of New Caledonia so he was farewelled appropriately.

Captain Mortein again came into the fold late, reminding everyone of SOTB’s imminent departure. He was handed yet another deafness award.

SOTB and Lewinsky had apparently been spreading rumours about someone’s pregnancy…we never did find out who…so they were up for rumour mongering.

Mad Hatter alleged that Hot Nuts had been “fondling the foliage” during the circle but Judge Pierre jumped to his defense claiming something about this being acceptable since HN was living with a married woman. No-one fully understood this line of defense but this somehow resulted in a vote being taken that seemed to require every married man present to raise his hand in an “aye”. Lewinsky got brownie points for having his hand up first. Alan failed to heed the call and was nominated by wife Mana for unhusbandly conduct.

Bbq maidens BB, Sassy and Mana were thanked while SOTB received a false accusation for something. David, Everready and Crime had also assisted in the bbq process and were also recognized.

Sassy Girl was apparently fondling herself so she was appropriately awarded.

The Hare (Strangler) had led the pack through people’s plantations resulting in squashed taro plants – he was alternately thanked and reprimanded for his services as Hare.

Mad Hatter was thanked for her services as Hostess but not before she addressed Psychadelic’s complaint that the walking trail was not well-marked. Turns out Psychadelic hadn’t paid much attention when she was given insider information on that walking trail. Psychadelic joined MH in the drinks.

SOTB again tried to make an intervention but was instead punished for swearing consistently at a family hash.

Alan’s phone went off and Judge tried to defend this unfortunate rule breaking so they both took a final down down.

The circle broke up to enjoy a beautiful meal organized by the hosts and contributed to by all.

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