Monday, December 20, 2010

Hash Run 1548- Vaoala, Bank St

Todays hash run will be hosted by Chilliandrina, Zsa Zsa, Carin & Ophelie at Zsa Zsa's house on Bank Street in Vaoala.

This is NOT a BYO Run, the food will be provided by the hosts...Indian im told.. so bring a change of clothes as it gets cool in the evenings and your drinking boots.

YES, there will be a keg...and cold nuts...

Directions: Head up Cross Island Rd and turn off on Bank Street, head down Bank St and take the Left Turn before the main road heads downhill (where Bits & Pieces and Goer used to live) Head up the road and look out for the turn off ont he Right hand side.

Check the Map for more details.

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