Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hash X-Mas Run

Talofa All,

Next weeks Run will be the Hash Xmas Run hosted at the "Snake Pit" in town. Run will start at 1730 HRS So be on time as we will be having a pub crawl run before returning to the snake pit to get totally plastered...and have a good time of course.

Please make sure you are wearing all your Xmas gear for the run and clear your vocal chords...yes, you too strangler!

Hash will provide the meats (Pig/Lamb/Sausages, etc) and Miss management has asked if everyone else could bring something to go with the meats (Salads, bread, desert, Faalifu Taro, etc....and dont all bring bread!)

On another note, as it will be quite a night, its best if you come in a taxi or car pool if you have a sober driver...

See you all then

On On
See the map below for directions.(Its in town)

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