Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hash Run 1561- SOTB & Tooth Fairy - Letogo

Morning All,

Next weeks run will be Hosted by SOTB and Tooth Fairy (and Sassy, in spirit) at Letogo at Sassy's house...he he. Head out along the east coast road and follow the maps....its not that difficult!

The hosts will be providing food/bbq so no need to bring anything. There will also be a keg as per the norm and an interesting run...bring a change of clothes :)

When you get to the house, pls park your cars down on the road and walk up and don't block the driveway :) Make sure your cars is nicely parked on the side and not in the ditch..

Run will start normal time: 1730Hrs
If you get lost, and you don't know how to read a map, call SOTB on 7500767

On On

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