Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hash Trash- Run 1559

Run#1559 was hosted by Hot Nuts and Nutcracker at their beautiful home in Vaoala. We thank them for hosting last minute, as we were lost for a location (Thanks Do me Twice). The run was a steep jungly sweaty mess but all survived and made it home! POD was our sparkling GM for the last time this week and we are grateful for all her support throughout the time she GM'd.
We held a minute of silence for all the people who have suffered due to natural disaster in the recent past; Christchurch, Queensland, and Japan were foremost in our minds and hearts.
There were many new faces in the circle this time, Ninja brought half of Japan to the circle, and we were happy to welcome them and Swinger and CB brought a clutch of greenies from Conservation International (who have been drinking more than working). Andrew was visiting from Melbourne, as was Emma.
Retreads: Lesbian Vampire Killer made a resurrection and showed up after a one year hiatus, Home and Away won the prize for having missed three years worth of Hash, and Snake came out of the grass to take his down down like a man.
As for New Shoes, Yoshi still had the size stickers left on his shoes, which forced him to drink, but Ninja had not informed him of this very important rule and thus had to drink out of the other shoe- a very gross thing for us to watch.
Swinger was awarded “Lecherous Old Man” for telling a young attractive Blonde that he was turning 40 when in truth he was turning 44- He claims no memory of this, as any old man would. For the most inappropriate birthday gift, Hot Nuts presented Swinger with a “Wally Washer” supposed for washing dishes but most evidently for washing other bits too. Both drank.
CB drank for “Ring Abuse” and “Toilet Tantrums”, no one likes to be rubbed by a floatation device nor have pee dripping down their toilet. Karaoke was given the “Pussy Replicator” award for making a vagina cake, and Eveready was awarded the “Pussy Consultant award” for vagina critique. No celebrity awards because Poumuli was absent. Joe and Dan for dancing like freaks and for winning Chicken “For all the skinny white girls”. Latecomer award went to TittyG and Pussysnatcher.
Vampire nominated slimshady for getting her departure date wrong and throwing a Vampire party without her. Do me Twice for just being annoying. Gag me drank for “Chip Sandwich” and because she leaves soon. Rebecca, Wax, and Slimshady for not getting anyone’s name right. Snake for fixating on Pirate Princess’ breastfeeding. GM gave the new list of Mismanagement:

Hash Cash- Sassy/POD
Hash Trash- Poumuli
Hash Haberdash- Slimshady
Hash Flash- Slippery
Hare- Crime
Hare raiser- Spanky
Brew Master- Lewinsky
Hash Mugs- Crash
Hash BBQ- Captain Mortein
Captain Mortein was caught eating in the circle and then tried to pass it to his kids as if any of us believed that! He drank for his sin! Drinks were had for outgoing GM for a job well done. Drinks for the Hare and Host, Dan & Joe and DO Me Twice.
Food was had, vagina cake was eaten, and incoming GM reconvened the circle as his first act as “Cartman”. A farewell song was sung for Vampire and Brynne and then some of the burlier members of the circle chucked Vampire’s blood-sucking butt in the pool.
Fun was had by all!

Written by Slimshady & Vampire.

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