Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hash Trash 1557

Finally the long awaited Hash Trash from star journalist Snatch, although a few edits were needed. Many thanks for your assistance in documenting this Hash and especially the namings. On On, Poumuli, IKA Slit

The Hash was hosted by Eveready, Karaoke, Delicious and Crash at their home in Lotopa.
I have no idea who the Hare was, but I’m almost certain it won't make a great difference to this blog post. Anyhow, after dodging cars, dogs, cats and the occasional drunken Lotopa resident, the trail lead to some sort a stream thingy near USP, and for the lazy ones who decided the take the short cut, it was pretty straight forward, tar sealed dusty track that only a Hasher can calmly run through without any effort or complaint.

Princess of Darkness was at the helm and was all too happy make her presence felt. New to hash were Judy and Allan from New Zealand brought by Jo and Dan the bone breaker dude, there was Felicity, Holly, Christine and Jonny who all took a down down for gracing us with their presence.

The GM was the first to take a down down after one of the newbies said her name, anyhow I think it was a set up by ProBono, but I’ll need some evidence before I can bring that to the fore.
Retreads were plenty, ProBono (galvananzing in NZ – surely gallivanting?), Schumacher (fought in a war somewhere), Dawn Raid (probably overstaying in another country) SOTB (have no idea – he was in Vegas as you point out below!)

Indeed it was the hash of the New Shoes with three sorry victims to the show drinking contest. Holly, Allan and Kiwi all drank happily from their stinking shoes for wearing them in the first place.

Celebrity awards went to Godfather and Swinger for the Vaka departure in the paper, and Wahoo had to take the down down for Poumuli who received honourable mention as sports channel ESPN at the Laughing Samoans concert!

Nominations from the floor brought forward SOTB for messing around with strippers when he was in Vegas, Swinger was nominated by PS for receiving the attentions of the Miss Samoa earlier in the week and then arriving with a hot brunette (KMB) who was not his girlfriend at Hash. Naturally PS was then awarded with the Jealousy drink for being all too envious of Swingers success with the ladies. Titty Galore arrived late and was honoured in the usual fashion, Crash was trashed by his father in law for not bringing the pig and taro in time, but it arrived and boy did we love it!

After a short period of non-silence the Monk arrived with an interesting little head dress which resembled a peacock or a WWF boxer of some sort, anyhow, four hashers were named, and one was renamed by the Monk.

Carin the Italian intern was named Bungabunga after the famous parties hosted by the infamous Berlusconi in his home. Ophelie the talkative Frenchie was honoured with the name Gag Me. Bruce from NZ and a keen banana grower or exporter was aptly named Lady Finger while his lovely wife Anne was called Dried Nuts.

Delicious was renamed Cougar, as the Monk felt it would be more appropriate.

Hare and host took a drink and the feast ensued, with the usual wonderful colours a Samoan feed!
On, on!

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