Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hash Run 1566 - BYO Run @ Greeny's- Siusega

Morning All,
Next weeks run is being hosted by Greeny at his new pad in Siusega. Please remember that this is a BYO Food run so bring something for the bbq or something precooked or a salad...something to contribute to the spread and please dont rely on a few hashers, you dont bring, you dont eat :)haha

Run starts at 1730Hrs on time. There will be a keg there. Map is below. Im not 100% sure of the exact location but the crap details that i was given is what i have used to draw the can also get hold of greeny on 7771414 if you cant find the place.

The Theme for Monday is Cinco De Mayo...Mexican dress up in Mexican, green and white..and if you got some cool hats to go with it..then by all means..put em on!

On On

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