Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hash Run 1599A - Tafatafa Beach - Sunday 11th Dec 2011

Good Evening All,

Sunday's hash run will be at Tafatafa Beach on the South Coast. The Run will start at 11am followed by a traditional Umu for lunch around 12:30pm. We have 4 Fales booked for Monday so don't worry about booking yourself a fale unless you plan to go early and spend the weekend there.

We will collect hash cash of $10 per person on the day and we will have some drinks down there at the beach on the day (Beers, Coconuts, Softies) but feel free to bring some more of your own if you plan on getting completely plastered.

It is advisable to car pool and then head down so as to limit the number of "drunk" hashers driving back to town after the run. For those who are driving down, there will be a $10-$15 charge for your vehicles.

If you have any more questions about the day, please call Lewinsky on 7528604, POD on 7528605 or Sassy on 7574250

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