Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hash Trash 1599

Dear all
a belated post from Spanky for the the run 1599.
On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

Hosted by Mike and Becks at Yacht Club
Live hare – Godfather
GM was Tallyho, which is always an adventure!
New to Apia Hash was the Christchurch Hashers: Worker Shirker, Labrat, MILF and Flapper, Spanky’s friend Alice visiting for 2 weeks and Greeny’s friend Ella visiting for 1 night!
Retreads FBI and River were welcomed back.
Shoe Inspector found 2 new boots! Happy Feet and Ella – Lewinsky took Happy Feet’s out of his own shoes and Ella was a trooper and dranks hers out of her new shoes!
Celebrities included Mike for publishing helpful information on saving money – so you can buy more beer! And of course Sassy, who is in contention for most times mentioned in Samoan Observer. Ever.
GM Tallyho proceeded with This Day in History by assuming something must have happened in Denmark and with Monica. Also, it’s actually International Volunteer Day so Spanky represented the amazingly hard working volunteers in Samoa and Captain Mortein and Lewinsky represented Denmark and Monica, respectively.
No GM awards opened the floor right up to Sassy Girl, who welcomed the well dressed, matching CHCH Christchurch Hasher ladies! They all wore pink shirts that said they like to “shake it all night long” and matching skirts. Looking forward to 1600 because we’ve been told they have a new outfit for 1600 as well! They came all the way from Garden City to be here for the week of the 1600 and enjoy a short Samoa vacation as well. When they went for the downdown, they started singing B-I-M-B-O and the circle joined enthusiastically to welcome Labrat, WorkerShirker, MILF and Flapper!
Fast hands award to GM for spilling some beersky. Sassy nominated Mike for dropping a sausage on the ground but then putting it back on the grill. Right of Reply – 3 second rule. GM agrees and Sassy drinks. Remind me not to eat at GM nor Mike’s house any time soon!
FBI nominated Dev who has been around for a few years and came to Hash on his last night to say goodbye! He took his downdown right before heading to the airport. You will be missed, Devster!!
Mike noticed history repeating itself when more articles have been published about huge fish being caught – but none of our hash fisherpeople caught them! Shame. Hooker Lua and Lewinsky take the blame.
GM is in LOVE with the necklace mugs that Ringring made. He says they are great! Everyone should have one! They are great! Everyone should have 2! They are great! Tallyho and Ringring get a downdown to demonstrate and Ringring pours hers into Tallyho’s necklace mug putting it to good use!
They are nice cocout drinking vessels, by the way. 1600 comemorative coconut drinking vessels – it’s what all the cool kids are drinking from these days!
Tiger Woody arrived! Downdown. Snake adds that it should be a double because he thought the 1600 run was today. Silly Tiger.
Hooker Lua has it on good authority that Godfather forgot his girlfriend’s birthday, took her to someone else’s birthday party, gave her takeaway and said it was her present. Poor form! Godfather had no response.
Downdowns for the enthusiastic first time hosts Becks and Mike!
Malo lava and see you at the 1600 next week!

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