Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hash Trash 1599B

The Hash was hosted out at Tafatafa Beach. Your Scribe had arrived at 6 AM that morning so was a bit worse for wear. Consequently the notes do not make any sense. The run apparently was quite a tough one according to Godfather and Tallyho, so big thanks to Crime. Your Scribe was asleep in the fale for all of that.
Tallyho stepped in as GM for the afternoon, and called forth those new to Hash – none. Then there were the rethreads, namely Poumuli. New shoes were found on Moa and one of the Christchurch visitors.

No celebrity awards were recorded, but on this day in history we had International Mountain Day, which went to Captain Mortein (Denmark is devoid of mountains), and in 1995 Monica was transferred out of the White House.

There then followed an incomprehensible gibberish in my notes, but Sassy nominated Vai Vai for something, as well as the Christchurch girls. Poumuli and Lewinsky were dobbed in twice, which kind of explains the unreadable pages. Tallyho was also rather upset with the lack of an appropriate run report, and the final entry says that Crime #$%$.

Sorry, should have asked for a replacement Scribe, but that is what you get for coming straight to Hash from the airport!
On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

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