Sunday, February 05, 2012

RUN 1608 - Slippery and Francis Howes at Toomatagi

Talofa All

Run 1608 is kindly hosted by Slippery and Kiwi from Slippery's home at Toomatagi. Hi place is the 4th house after the entrance to the National University of Samoa and directly opposite from the Primary School.

Run is hosted but feel free to bring a salad or whatever else you may like to eat to add to the spread. Remember your $15 for hash cash and some change as it may be wet!!!

Been trying to find the damn map for Slippery's place on the blog but not much luck... if you have google earth maps then click on the following link:

Good luck lol!, if all else fails, then post a comment on the chat and another hasher will assist you if you are new!!!

I will not be there tomorrow so can one of the older hashmen/mere stand in for GM please..

Let me know if you can host the following run, otherwise we will find a venue and have a BYO Run.



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