Monday, October 08, 2012

Hash Run 1643 - BYO Food Run @ Tally Ho's in Siusega

Good Morning All,

Tonight's hash run will be a BYO at Tally Ho's Castle up in the fine hills of Siusega. He has kindly offered his castle as our venue for tonight's run. Please remember this will be a BYO Food for the BBQ, so please make an effort to bring something to contribute to the spread.

The run will start at 1745hrs (or even as late as 1800hrs), seeing as we have a bit more day light now in the evenings. We will have softies and a Keg (yes, only 1 this week) and sweet nuts for after the run.

Please dont forget your hash cash $15 and a change of clothes.

See you all there!

On On

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