Friday, October 12, 2012

Hash Trash 1643

Malo lava Hashers,

Yet another Monday has come and gone. Although with no news of a host all week, hashers thought they may have had to resort to a quiet night in until Tally Ho kindly offered to host in Siusega. This weeks run, #1643 set by Tally Ho proved to be a challenge. As the 6pm chime sounded, it was out the gate towards the right. A turn off up a dirt road and hashers were met by a steady uphill run in the warm afternoon sun. In the lead were CB and Sexpot, kindly letting the new medical students take responsibility for the first of the falsies only to learn that they weren’t actually looking out for a flour trail. It was back to a run through the long grass. Soon however, hashers started dropping off one by one, taking short cuts between interchanging streets and making their way back to Tally Ho’s using only the scent of Godfathers nuts to guide them home.  Finally after a grueling run (thanks to a number of falsies), moving past plantations, dogs and curious neighbours, we made it back up the hill, following the flour trail to find Tally Ho’s house and Godfathers sweet refreshments. 

Upon catching their breath, all were called to order by GM (SOTB) and a circle (or the rounded rectangle, some would say) was formed. Newcomers were asked to introduce themselves; both Paul and Masi came with Top Shelf. While the medical interns had invited more of their own and Krystal, Rachel and Ben (all from Aus) were introduced to the circle.  The Rethreads included Probono (with no excuse), Titty G (away on a romantic holiday), David (playing rugby), Benj (family responsibilities), DMT (returned from Australia with a new addition to the family), and finally Peter and Peter (Clapper) (returning to Samoa for a reunion).  All graciously took a down-down as a welcome back to the circle. Ozzy was then awarded for his new shoes to hash.

Celebrities this week were Snake for the pacific boa found in Fa’atoia, Top Shelf and Emily as teaching representatives for Teachers Day, Sassygirl BJ for a full frontal incident and DoMeTwice for being caught in Rock the Boat’s advertising.  While the Day in history awards went out to Paul (from the USA) as this day in 1971, the Great Chicago Fire burned, Crash for Fiji day on Wednesday and an ozzie representative Shaun for Paul Hogan’s birthday. Lastly, to the disappointment of many Lewinsky passed a down-down for the fact that the US House of Representative initiated Clinton’s impeachment enquiry on this day in 1998, luckily however Benj stepped in.  

It was then birthday time and in great harmony the circle sang while both Snake and SOTB (GM) stepped up for their birthday awards.

Fred from Vailima was up next, and rightly so. The evenings keg was giving everyone trouble and caused many to waste much of its content. So the Prick of the Week was awarded . Lewinsky then commented how he had prepared himself a large glass earlier in the evening and briefly left it on the keg only to have it stolen by a cheeky hasher. Camm came forward to take a down-down for the injustice.

It seems that signs of affection cannot be shown on a hash run and as Top Shelf and David were found to be holding hands throughout the run, both were nominated. Sexpot joined them as he was seen pinching Lewinsky’s butt along the trail (although disappointed as he was aiming for POD).

Ozzy followed shortly after for the fact that he was the closest hasher to strangler who had gotten himself lost on the roads earlier that week. And speaking of lost, two of the newcomers went astray during the run so both Krystal and Rachael were awarded the lost Aussie award.

The previous week proved to be one full of challenges for parents. Lewinsky and POD were nominated for swapping their oldest child for a Hilux (although they believe she was kidnapped), Sexpot was nominated for locking his son in the car while he enjoyed a beer and when asked if he knew the boy pressed up against the window, he replied ‘that’s my son’. Sexpot replied that it was in fact true but only at the request of TallyHo. All voted that both drink. While POD was awarded again for partying three days in a row and leaving the kids at home each time.

It was time for GM to bring the circle to an order once again and discuss responsibilities. This included a friendly reminder regarding traveling safe on the roads. Australian reps were asked to enter the circle as the only connection to the AFP. Since they have arrived the police have been out in force, well lately anyway. The medical students then nominated Fred from Vailima the Charity award for graciously shouting them drinks throughout their visit. Fred must not have been listening to GM’s talk on responsibility.

Conversation switched back to the run and TallyHo took a down-down for finally dressing in something decent. However surely this wouldn’t be a problem if the HashMary’s would stop having a cheeky look after each run. POD nominated Gay Boy for his excessive shortcutting, which he drank apprehensively (not wanting to cause any trouble on the roads), to which the circle responded ‘don’t worry Gayboy, we’ll visit you in jail’. Weathercock received the telefonis interuptus and Sassygirl BJ nominated herself for the Blonde award, not being able to operate her thermostat for her entire time in NZ. Peter than shared an insight into GM’s birthday weekend where GM was caught in the same clothes for two consecutive days.

In true Hash tradition a portion of medical interns, Chris, Jeff and Tom received a farewell in the form of the Hash Anthem – with Fang, Sassygirl BJ, Emily, POD and DMT joining them for the song. Shrine Master (Tally Ho) reminded each hasher about the importance of the Shrine and introduced a bugle for the GM to use to bring the circle to order (will it be loud enough?? We’ll just have to wait and see).

Some late entries for the night were nominations for young Jacks with his parentals taking a down-down for his first time at hash. Scott for wanting a break and having a seat, Ben from Aus for being a newcomer and last but definitely not least Titty G for looking after Godfather, whisking him away for a hard earned holiday to Aus (there were murmurs of souvenirs from the romantic holiday appearing at the next run).

It was time for Angry bird to find a new roosting spot and after great debate Tally Ho, who would’ve held onto it for another week passed it to Swinger. Why? Well no one really understands, but the argument was that Swinger proved too quiet a hash man for the evening. Finally Tally Ho joined him for being both hare and host and all were invited to tuck into the BBQ goodies.

Thank you for another great run. Next weeks run will be at the beach for the White Sunday long weekend. It will be an early afternoon run – check the blog again for more details.

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