Sunday, January 06, 2013

HASH RUN 7th January 2013

Talofa lava everyone

Trust that you have somehow recovered a bit from all the festivities and the wrath of Cyclone Evans. There is a slight change to the location for tonight's run. It is now going to be on the Cross Island Road on the upper Lamosa Road, just past Sexpot and DH's house.

If you turn on to the upper Lamosa Rd, it is the last house on the right before the big bend/corner. If you just follow upper Lamosa Rd, you should see the other hash cars and paper or flour.

Witchdoctor and Dawnraid will be hosting but we kindly ask that you bring a little bit extra to add to the bbq.

Map is posted below for those who don't know where Lamosa Road is on the Cross Island Road.

Bring your $15 and we will have the nectar on tap. Run starts at 1745 Hrs



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