Friday, January 03, 2014

Hash Trash 1706

The Hash was hosted at On the Rocks. Crime had set a run, which was undoubtedly sweaty, as all the runners were coveting Godfather’s sweet nuts upon their return. It was remarked upon that these appear to be growing in size as well as sweetness, so something must be going on. Your Scribe was yet again unable to run, but instead reflected on how at this time a year our numbers get to the Good the Bad and the Ugly stage, or perhaps the few, the brave the moronic. In any event we had a moderate turnout as some more latecummers came in late. Julia Gillard was back in action as GM.
First off we had a number of visitors from Shanghai, namely Hornblower, Mouthpiece, Wanking with Wolves and Deep Throat. They showed real hashing spirit and took their down downs with relish. Then our other visitors Tok Tok and Rock Chick brought by Godfather, and Pete brought by Bwyan. The GM decreed that while he would take his award, Pete should get a double as the rules had been explained, and that this was a stick up.

Turning to the GM’s awards, first off there was Rufie who had been acting up to his name and had been comatose. Why One Infection was involved will never be known. Celebrity Awards went to Elle McJr as CLR for Uncle Fred and Poumuli for Ditch – both were in the paper. This Day in History Awards went to Rufie (1845 – ether is first used as anaesthetic), Manwhore (1948 – musical Kiss Me Kate is first put on for a record 1077 performances), Wanking with Wolves (1997 – Hong Kong starts killing off chickens in bird flu scare) and Sassygirl Bj (2011 – Samoa changes dateline). There was also no Lewinsky related history so Overstayer took one for him.

Opening up for nominations, Elle McJr nominated Crime for, er, committing a crime, kicked the shit out of a trouble maker in town. Then there was a No Explanation Award for the GM apparently smuggling caviar? 

A shoe inspection was called for by Overstayer, finding that Crime was wearing new boots, but he opted for a double instead of the traditional fashion. Sassy gave Godfather the Man of the Year Award for leaving his family to go dancing with the Carmelite nuns!

Rufie gave Lewinsky a down down for claiming to be working, yet were was he. POD stepped in at the last moment. Manwhore then launched a withering assault on the overstaying Overstayer who apparently had “been leaving shit everywhere”. Crime was given a follow up down down for being a person of interest for the cops.

The circle was closed then re-opened with Rufie calling out the cardinal rule of no spewing in the circle. This also allowed Poumuli to give Sassy a can of Sass beer from Korea as another sign of her perpetual advertising campaigns.

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On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

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