Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Can you help a Volunteer Teacher pls...

Talofa all meres and hashmen

Godfather has asked if there is anyone out there in our hash family that may be able to help or refer to another that may be able to help with the urgent request below.

"There is a NZ volunteer teaching at Sapunaoa, in Godfather's district of Falealili who is in urgent need of a robust bike which he can borrow until he leaves on Feb 28th. The said teacher has back problems and cannot walk too far without having to sit down to rest. A bike would surely make him a lot more mobile. Being a volunteer means Josh can't afford a rental, nor afford the cost if something happens to the rental.

Godfather has kindly offered to underwrite cost of any damages or replacement should something happen to to anyone's bike offered in the spirit of helping.

Please contact Godfather on 7573949 or undersigned on 7574250



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