Sunday, October 05, 2014

Hash Trash #1745

The Hash was hosted by Gayboy at his “Purple Oyster bar” at Vaivase Uta. The house had clearly been vacant for some time and Gayboy had obviously just cleaned it of all offending and illegal items specially for the occasion.

Since daylight savings had just commenced the day before, the run didn’t start until well past 6pm… The small pack set off on the hot, steamy and painful run (for everyone except POD) that basically went down, down, down to Vaitele St (Airport rd) then past Farmer Joes then up, up, up past the Maota Samoa and back to Gayboy’s palace. Crime had set the run on flour and was clearly too exhausted to repeat the run so short cutted on the way back.

Princess of Darkness our GM called the circle to order. There were no newbies or retreads. POD reminded all that today was the 5th Anniversary of the tsunami then Swinger read out the Day in History which went to Godfather (World Tourism Day), Crash (Ask a Stupid Question day), TittyG (World Rabies Day) and Gayboy (the anniversary of Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin for the treatment of nasty infections).

The hashers had obviously been very boring in the past week because trainee scribe Swinger could not find any stories or photos in the paper for the Celebrity Awards (and info promised by Poumili to Swinger never materialised), so he gave it to the Kiwis (taken by Blowfish) for the All Blacks record number of rugby wins (22) and to Gayboy for China’s 65th anniversary of its love affair with Samoa.

Special awards went to TittG for the “boning award (asking for a “huge” T-bone steak), to Gayboy for telephonus interreptus, to Crash for Sth Sydney Rabbitos being in the Rugby League Grand Final for the first time in 100 years (don’t ask me why Crash got that one), to Delicious for smoking in the circle in front of her kids,  and to Eveready (taken by Crash) for not looking after the hash shrine… Incidentally- we must apologise to Tallyho because the shrine is looking rather sad having lost most of its items when it was left in Eveready’s back yard … luckily Godfather’s prized purple bra remains…).

Other awards went to Rufie for an epic motorbike failure, to Delicious for cooking a great curry, to Crash for the lazy man award (taking 3 months to sew 6 inches), to Lewinski and Delicious for the dirty laundry award and to Sassy for going to the Gold Coast to see SOTB and Alcatraz… Justine also got a special award for it being her first hash run. Since there was only a small group there were numerous more down downs but the trainee scribe’s hearing and memory got a bit hazy at this point…

The Hare (Crime) and the Host (Gayboy) were saluted and we had a scrumptious meal of grilled snapper, chilli chicken, chop suey and other “Sunrise” treats courtesy of Gayboy.

Next week’s run will be hosted by Prince and Rona at Siusega starting at 6pm. Watch the blog for details. On On, Swinger

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