Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hash Trash #1746

The Hash was hosted by Prince and Rona at their love shack in the woods at Siusega.

Once again the day was hot and with daylight savings a 6pm run is a steamy affair. The trusty and reliable Crime set the run which was set on flour and looped up, up, up, past the Orator hotel then along, along, along past the PM’s home at Ululoloa then down, down, down….and finally back home. The pack led as usual by POD and Rufie arrived exhausted to enjoy GF’s sweet nuts.

After the run everyone was milling around while the kids tried to kill each other, but then someone realised that we were missing someone- the new boot, Steve, Lewinski’s cousin visiting from NZ… Steve had been clearly well briefed on the hash by Lewinski because he had been drinking before the run, had no shirt nor running shoes and didn’t know what “on-on” meant…. A search party duly went out to look for Steve with POD taking the lead on foot, and Lewinski, Transporter and others in vehicles (strange that)… After an exhaustive search, Transporter eventually found Steve at Vaitele fou loitering in someone’s garden and wondering what the fuss was all about…

At dusk the Princess of Darkness (GM) called the circle to order. Steve was the only newbie and said he had been introduced by Chi… (downdown for Gayboy). Retreads were Lowrider and Mataia.   Prince nominated Witch Doctor’s meatballs as the celebrity award and Swinger who had missed that story in the paper got the reward (or punishment) with her. Swinger read out the Day in History awards which went to Crime, Crash and Lewinski for various tenuous links and interpretations of pseudo facts/fictions…

POD gave a few GM’s awards- first for Transporter and Prince for something to do with modelling “exotic angles”, Steve for being lost in Samoa on his first visit, Crash for forgetting his son’s hash name (which I forget), Justine for not knowing that in hash you are supposed to follow a trail, and for Crime for not explaining hash rules, and finally for Transporter for a wearing a pink outfit on his Buck’s night and for leaving his pink panties in Lowrider’s bedroom and thereby getting Gayboy insanely jealous.

The floor was opened and Lewinsky tried to dob in Transporter for something that had to do with lunch and building up a sweat, but they both got done for it. Transporter got Swinger and Godfather for not helping to look for Steve, even though both protested that there were injured… Transporter got Lewinski for not looking after his cousin Steve and for Steve for not listening to the detailed hash briefing he was apparently given by Lewinski and in particular for not knowing the difference between flower and flour. Rufie and Prince got done for telefonus interreptus.

The Hare (Crime) and the Hosts (Prince and Rona) were saluted and we then had a scrumptious meal of chilli chicken, chop suey, salads and other yummy dishes.

Next week’s White Sunday run will be hosted by the Godfather at Maotaomaa at Tafatafa. Check the blog for details. On On, Swinger

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