Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hash Trash 1747

The Hash was hosted by Godfather and TittyG at the Maotaoma’a beach fales at Tafatafa.  Since it was a public holiday (White Sunday Monday), the hash was set to start at 11am, but the run didn’t start until noon, which was perfect as that is the coolest time of the day. The run was set by Crime and Godfather and basically followed the usual rectangular route along the beach inland past to the main road then along the road and back to the start. A simple but effective hash to get everyone thirsty and ready for the amber nectar.

POD was the GM and brought the circle to order. The retreads were Vaivai, Moa, Hotnuts, Nutcracker and BB (who tried her best to remain un-noticed but failed). There were quite a few New Boots, invited by TittyG, but who tried to avoid the circle and ended up getting punished in the usual manner – Shannon and Chris from Salani, Charlie the Tongan (looking for a Samoan wife) and Kalita from Paddles.

The GM’s special award went to Prince for trying to burn his house down after the last hash by forgetting about a pot of chicken cooking on the stove. The celebrity award was won by Elle Mc Jr but I don’t remember exactly why …Charlie got an award for something to do with a Government car going to the plantation for some nookie or something….Vaivai was awarded for harassing other runners, in particular Tia. Latecummers were Crash, Delicious, Witchdoctor and Imelda da Welder. Delicious was awarded for advertising her new cake shop (which incidentally is at Malifa across the road from the new SLC apartments). Rufie was awarded the “hardman” award for drinking all night and still being able to run and drink more the next day… One Erection was awarded for trying to nominate Rufie but getting confused and taking far too long over it. Godfather nominated Lewinski for telling him that he had “forgotten his nuts” when in fact his golden nuts were simply being kept cool…

Since it was Rufie and Blowfish’s last Apia hash run and they were about to return to NZ, they were both presented with their 50th run t-shirts and then they and the kids (Jack Spratt and Catfish) were given the usual hash send-off with the hash anthem, “Swing low”. Tears were shed at the sad moment, but Godfather’s ukulele and singing, as well as some more gulps of the nectar, helped to lift spirits.

Hotnuts asked what had happened to the “this day in history” and Swinger was then given his opportunity but noted that since the keg was running low he would only give one “this day in history” fact. He informed the circle that today was “international no bra-day” and so he suggested that the hash meres take their bras off. Instead Kalita,who was wearing a revealing bikini, was nominated to take a down-down for the hash meres.

The Hosts (Godfather and TittyG) and Hare (crime) were saluted and we were then treated to a fine spread of pork, fish, BBQ chicken and sausages, taro, palusami etc etc. Delicious!

Check the blog for details on next Monday’s hash which will be at Ululoloa.

After 3 weeks I shall now sign off as the Trainee Assistant Scribe, and pass the poison pen back to Poumuli.

On On! Swinger

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