Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Godmother Taken by Tsunami

Our dearest Godmother, Anna Tui Annandale tragically lost her life to the Tsunami that laid waste to the southeast coast of Upolu, Samoa.

Godfather, Godmother, her mother and nurse were at their home in Poutasi. After the mighty quake, they gathered, boarded their vehicle and fled. But the enormous wave rushed in with great speed and overtook them, rolling their vehicle. Godfather said, “We rolled, and rolled, and rolled, for the longest time…” Godmother and her mother’s nurse were in the back seat and thrown from the vehicle. Miraculously, Godfather, her mother and the nurse survived. (Late note: Tui's mother passed away the weekend after from pneumonia.)

Within hours of her death, several relatives flew-in from New Zealand to join the family. Phone calls and texts streamed-in throughout the day.

As per Tui’s wishes and tradition, she was buried within 24 hours of her passing. The family service was held yesterday at 8:00 pm at Tanumapua, followed by a short service this morning at 5:30 at the same, immediately followed by her burial at the Annandale estate in Siusega.

At the family service, family and friends gave moving testimonies about the selflessness, humbleness, and strength of Tui. At the short service this morning, the Head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese gave a stirring testimony (click here to read) honoring our beloved Godmother Tui. Godfather, Tuatagaloa Folasaitu Joe Annandale followed, sharing some final words with heavy heart and great love for his beautiful wife. There were many tears all around.

Tui Annandale was 63 years old. She passed away two days before her 64th birthday on October 1st. Tui is a well known and loved woman in Samoa. She was the first Miss Samoa. Tui was an instrumental force in several charitable organizations, taking care to stay clear of politics. She was a loving mentor and role model for many. Several at the family service described Tui as the rock behind her husband, her family, her friends, her coworkers, and the Sinalei Reef Resort.

On On, Godmother.

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  1. Dear Godfather and Family
    Please accept my deepest condolences from afar. I have been following the news here in Bangkok and regular phone calls to Wahoo and to Dawn Raid. I am saddened to the core by this tragedy. It is a great loss to all of us, Godmother's warmth, smiles and interest in all of us in the Hash was always heartwarming, and words will not suffice in moments like this. My prayers are with you and your family.
    God bless the memory of Godmother

  2. Dear Godfather

    What can we write? We are so sad and so sorry to be watching the devastation on TV here in Timor Leste. Then to learn that your beautiful Tui has passed away - please accept our deepest condolences. We are thinking of you and your family Joe.

    With much love,

    Rach and Jeff
    (Bloody Mary and Crabs)

  3. The Samoan hash family is spread far and wide (we are in Kazakhstan), each of us watching the tv and reading the internet for every snippet of information where ever we are. We have also been wondering and worrying about you all, crying tears as we learn of the saddest parts. To Godfather, our deepest sympathy. Yes, it's true, what can you write - it feels as though we can't write or say enough to express our feelings for your loss. You are all continually in our thoughts, as are all the other Samoans who have lost so much.

    Judi and John Hayes
    Madam Flash and Graft

  4. sorry to hear the tragic news thoughts are with you at this time,
    puff,and all at the north shore hussies hash

  5. Dear Godfather,
    I am not good in writing and especially in this tragic moment. I just wanted to tell you the sorrow, incredible sorrow we all feel for the loss of Godmother whose kindness, generosity and beauty has touched all of us. We cannot do anything to alleviate your pain, we can just pray God to take her in His arms.
    Pavarotti, Lambada and Chiquita, from Dakar, Senegal

  6. Both Lawrence (who is in Europe at present) and I back here in Hawkes Bay NZ shed tears of sadness at the tragic news of the loss of such a beautiful and caring woman. Godfather we both have such wonderful memories of our time with the Apia Hash during the 80's and I remember with love running with you 5 yrs ago when we returned with a group for a re-union, and also the welcome to us extended by you and Tui to your resort.
    Samoa holds a special place in our hearts, so our prayers and love go to you, your ainga and people of the land.
    May God comfort and bless you in the days ahead.
    Much love
    Dianna and Lawrence King xxxx

  7. Dear Godfather & family,
    It was a devastating shock to hear about Godmother, it is with great sadness that i write this. I remember when i was around 13yrs old coming up to the plantation at Tanumapua to ride your horses. Godmother was usually there and would always tell me to come back as the horses were getting too fat. She was always very kind to me. I also remember many times going over to Sinalei and both of you greeting us and the many times mum, dad, lewinsky and i had a drink or meal with you both at Sinalei. Godmother will be sorely missed. It was a very moving mass and i am amazed at how strong you were to stand up in front of everyone and talk about Godmother as well as thank each person for coming. My heart goes out to you and your family. Happy birthday Godmother!!
    Alofa tele & God bless
    Ladesha Stevenson xxx

  8. May our thoughts go out to you, Joe and family with your lost. May god give you strength. Lots of love Christine, Kim, Hamish and Briar Ulberg

  9. Dear Godfather & Family,

    Shakespeare once said - "The world is but a stage, where every man & woman plays a part..."

    Godmother Tui's sudden & unexpected departure, undoubtedly, has left a deep hole in your stage play...No worldy riches or human words can replace Godmother Tui, for she was a legend on the stage while playing her part as a companion, friend, soul-partner and loving wife to you.

    Let her sweet memories linger on in your heart/soul, giving you courage, peace and hope for better things to come in your future plans in this world stage. You have been chosen to lead the flock, destined for higher work. That's why the Lord spared your life, to carry on the good work that Godmother Tui did while she was on earth with us.

    Hope to see you at HASH soon, to carry on the torch that Godmother Tui left with you. Put your trust in the Lord, for He will show you a better and brighter tomorrow. Remember, "When God closes one door, He opens a Window of Opportunity full of blessings and happiness.

    With loving prayers and abundance alofas,
    Filifilia Iosefa

  10. Dear Godfather and the family
    Please know that we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers at this most difficult time.. Tui was a beautiful and loving friend and mother to the Apia Hash house Harriers and as well us all individually. We love you Godmother and your beautiful will forever be in our hearts.
    Great minds say that in the physical universe, there's an underlying 'law of wave mechanics.' In accord with it, our energy, emotions and creativity ebb and flow consistently. Sometimes we are on top of the mountain, other times the mountain is on top of us. But whether at peak or trough, God's law of wave mechanics functions - for our benefit. "There is a time to weep (trough) and a time to laugh (peak); a time to mourn (trough) and a time to dance (peak)" Ecclesiastes 3:1&4. While its more fun to laugh than to weep, "He has made everything appropriate in its time.' - Food for thought. I do believe that it is times like this that becomes the test of our faith.
    Be Strong and keep the faith
    Alofa tele atu and see you all soon

  11. Godfather
    Our deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your lovely wife.
    With all our love
    Slippery and Francis in AUS

  12. Deppest condolences to Joe and Sousi and all the family for the tragic loss of beautiful and kind Tui, we stayed at Sinalei and had a wonderful time.

    GodBless & Love
    Stowers Family (Apia) & WA & NZ

  13. Dear Joe & Anandale Family & Sinalei Reef Resort

    At this time, it seems so difficult ro find a way to show the sympathetic thoughts that word can say it. Still, may it help to ease your loss and bring some comfort, too, to know that many caring thoughts are there today with you.

    With deepest sympathy.
    Fina Taumuafono Lefale

  14. Dear Joe, the Annandale and Sinalei family
    Shocked and immensely saddened, we deeply share the pain for Tui leaving us in such circumstances. She can only be remembered as a beautiful and caring woman.
    We are also thinking a lot about Samoa and its people.
    With all our love
    WIB and Tramp

  15. Our Dearest Godfather, Sose and the Beautiful Annandale & Schafaausen Families....i still ask why the world loses beautiful, loving, warm and caring people...i feel for your loss and yet comforted by your strong faith, that you will move on as Godmother would have wanted it to be. I am still at a loss to comprehend the finality of the mortal being and how sudden it can all come to an end...Godfather shared with us his experience and thoughts this past Monday at Hash and one of his comments has also given us a more positive attitude..."I see Godmother everywhere...all the things that she has done reminds me of her etc...." i realised then that every time i look at the gardens at Sinalei or several other places that Godmother and Godfather had planted, she will be there and then my spirit lifted for such a beautiful lady, mother, wife, sister, aunty, grandma. RIP Godmother, you have taught us all so much..ia manuia le faiga malaga.

  16. Dear Joe - not often in life do you meet someone with true and sincere beauty on the outside and the inside. Tui was one of those unforgettable people. We have many happy memories of Apia HHH in the early 80's and also of a wonderful afternoon with you and Tui at Sinalei on our reunion trip 6 years ago. The country of Samoa, the people of Samoa and the people we met in Samoa have a deep and special place in our hearts and we are thinking of you all.
    Joanne and Todd Krieble

  17. Dear Godfather (Joe),
    I am saddened and share my grief with you, your family and the HASH clan.The 1000th run from Sinelai will stay for ever in my memories of you and Tui. The Samoan community will remain in our thoughts and prayers and it is gratifying to know that I shared my birthdays with Tui.

  18. Gilligan and fishwifeOctober 20, 2009 3:14 pm

    We stayed and enjoyed the hospitality and love from Tui and Joe just days before the tragic events. We ran the hash run from Tupua Freds place the week before. Both Kaye (fishwife) and I (Gilligan) loved the run after 10 years.
    WE are still unable to accept or understand the shocking truama and have written to Joe.
    Peter and Kaye Kelsh Adelaide SA