Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hash Run 1522- Snake Pit- BYO Food

Morning All,
Hash this week will be at the Snake Pit in town. Snake has kindly offered the venue for us to have hash, unfortunately neither Snake or Fang will be there as they are both heading to NZ on Sunday. In any case, Lewinsky, Snakes closest relative will no doubt take the down downs on Snakes behalf as the host :)

It will be a BYO Food Run so bring something to throw on the BBQ and there will be a Keg. If you have any Manu Samoa clothing or anything blue, please wear it as we will most likely run past the big Manu Party in town!

Run starts at 1730 Hrs so make sure your there! Also, does anyone want to voluteer to be the Hare???


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