Friday, June 18, 2010

Hash Trash 1523

HASH RUN 1523 was hosted by the one and only Screamer and first time hare Allan.

New People: Aro, Pirate Princess’s Sister who was having her 20th birthday, and many guests from the Vaka! The rethreads were also plentiful, with Crash, Crime, Delicious (Whipping boy of Lewinsky), Murray and Cath (who did hash when they lived here in 1984!), Brynne who had the best excuse of being on the Vaka, and Allan and Mana.

Apparently last week at the Snake Pit, CB generously volunteered to use his extremely large muscles to climb over the bathroom door to unlock it. After making it over the door, he found out that it wasn’t even locked!

Down down to Sassy and Mana for complaining about how long the run was when they even took a shortcut! Tisk tisk!

Twins award to the two blokes named Murray, the two named Kent, and to Princess and her sister for having the exact same running style.

Celebrity Award to Godfather for being in the paper twice and on TV once.

As the run started a bit late, Murray expressed his worry about his wife because she hadn’t returned by the time he got back, yet Lewinksy returned before POD but wasn’t at all worried about her!

New Boots for Pirate Princess’s sister who wore her new netball shoes that Captain Mortein had bought for her. Down Downs for the whole family! Soon after this, Telephonus Interuptus to Princess’s sister – and a down down to Princess for not explaining the rules!

Since the fence on one side of Screamer’s lawn was locked, everyone had to go around to the other door which was through a muddy driveway. When Crash arrived, he originally asked his beautiful pregnant wife to climb over the fence! Then when she refused he asked her to walk down the driveway on her own so he wouldn’t get his tires dirty! Shame!

Down down for Wahoo who was heard proclaiming she was only at hash this week to get drunk and had no intention of running – “Poumuli’s not here so I’m going crazy tonight!”

In another shockingly honest moment, when Lewinsky asked for Mosquito Repelement (not a typo – he actually said that), Everready replied that when he can’t find repellent he “pulls out his dipstick and rubs it on his head!” Everready claims this had something to do with a car, but none of us agree.

After weeks upon weeks of missing mugs, the mugkeeper finally returned, but a few mugs are still MIA. Down down for Crash!

Swinger went for show and tell, citing a certain Hash Mary for skinny dipping and leaving all her clothes AND her wallet behind at Sinalei AND for not remembering until the next morning! Screamer came forward to collect her belongings and thanked the two Hash Men who drove her home despite her obnoxious behaviour. GM gave SOTB and CB the Chivalry award. All three drank, although Wahoo had to stand in as whipping lass for Screamer.

CB added that this was the second time he had driven Screamer home in a similar situation and GM noted CB was advertising about how often he gets to drive Screamer so he got a second down down.

Down down to Spanky and Peter for telling the cooks to be careful with the bbq because it was marinated in their tears.

GM observed that Ring Ring, who had led the pack during the run, had found and ignored both false leads. Ring Ring got a down down along with Allan and Crime for setting falsies that nobody fell for.

Little Kent got a down down from Sassy Girl BJ for something that co-scribe can’t recall.

Sassy Girl BJ gave Screamer a wanna-be Sinalei Staff Award for wearing a puletasi in similar colours.

Fang was cited for leaning.

Peter nominated Spanky for coming home at 3am and having to wake him up to let her in because she lost her key – AGAIN.

Sassy nominated Psycho and Slippery because they hadn’t had one yet.

Screamer supported her fellow nautical Hash Mary Brynne for her superhuman sailing skills and for spending so much time on the Vaka. Malo Brynne!

SOTB nominated Captain for the Poor Parenting award for “leaving his daughter alone walking by the pool.” It was noted that this was a complete fabrication and SOTB was welcomed front and center to take his punishment.

Tough times for SOTB when he was then nominated by Little Kent – turns out SOTB said he would go surfing then just sat in the boat and rode NO waves! The real kicker is that CB asked SOTB how the surfing went and SOTB lied to say it was nice!

SOTB was maybe a bit perturbed at being caught lying twice now, so he changed the subject by nominating BB for not doing enough work as the Hare Raiser. NOTE – was just confirmed on Friday that run will be at BB’s and Swinger’s in Siusega.

Malos go out to: BBQ boys who didn’t even need to be asked to help out with the cooking, to Screamer who was coerced into hosting, and to POD, as per usual, for being a great GM! Speaking of which, POD is looking for future GMs to take over for a couple of nights every now and then. Interested? Speak up!

At this point as the circle was finishing up, Godfather got his fourth telephone call! As it was finally too much to ignore, Godfather took the last down down of the night.

Next week will be at BB and Swinger’s place in Siusega. Check the blog for directions and see you there!

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