Friday, June 25, 2010

Hash Run 1525

Next weeks run will be hosted by Psychadelic, Mad Hatter, Nut Cracker and Gloria at Psychadelic's House in Taumeasina. The house is at the end of a village track that runs immediately opposite the bowling green at Apia Park, midway between 2 main front entrances to Apia Park.

There will be a run and walk circuits but they will be a little different than normal being based on clues and a quiz, so bring a pen or pencil. A little bit of background swotting of the area may be useful.
This will be different to our normal paper/flour trail, its more like....the amazing race..but with a smarter bunch of people...haha..anyway, bring a pen/pencil and some scrap paper and your sharp minds

Run starts at 1730 Hrs and as per the norm, we will have our Keg present.

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