Friday, January 21, 2011

Rakino Apia Sister Hash House Harriers (RASH3)

The RASH held its inaugural runs on Rakino Island outside of Auckland on the 13th and 14th of January, 2011. It is intended to be an occasional Hash to coincide with any Hashers visiting from Samoa wishing to brave the waves and go over to Charlie’s place on Rakino. As such it will remain a sister hash of Apia Hash and a home away from home.

The first run was a live hare run. While rule 69b had explicitly been put in abeyance, the Hare – Charlie – was quickly run down and thoroughly debagged by a lady called Barbarella (for true!). The run continued around the grassy knolls and unpaved roads until returning to the house, named Vailima, overlooking the bay.
Slit was the GM, and since this was a new hash, dispensed with that element, preferring instead a round of general introductions. For showing excessive sporting prowess, a Bringing Hash Into Disrepute was given to Barbarella. A few more awards were given but the Scribe was plastered. A brief naming ceremony was held for Charlie, who in light of his complete inability to keep his trap shut during AHHH circles, was named Verbal Diarrhoea (or VD for short). This was crowned off by Wahoo with eggs, soy sauce, chilli, beer and flour.

The second run was equally eventful, but happened as darkness set, so Scribe couldn’t complete report. In any event, Lisa, in light of her work as a copper, and being married to VD, was named ArtyArse (RTRS – right to remain silent), with similar excessive use of shampoo-requiring substances.

Photos will be posted of the debagging of the Hare once Wahoo gives Slit permission to play with the camera. Further runs will be organized once we get VD over for a visit to Samoa and can discuss with him.

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