Wednesday, January 12, 2011

VERTS Volunteers

Hi All, Is there anyone interested in joining up with the Volunteer Emergency Response Team (Maritime) section? If so, please get in touch with CB or SOTB. We need more people to help out in times of disaster with search and rescue, Life saving, community awareness programs, etc.

If you have some boating background and love being outdoors and in the water, let us know ASAP..There is a lot of fun training ahead of us and lots of time outdoors.

Get in touch with us if you are keen and we can fill you in.

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  1. Hey what the...Im sure I posted something just now...SOTB - Downdown for advertising - and another for being proactive - GM - You know what to do ;) Flash

  2. hey SOTB, make sure its people who are disciplined, responsible and are matured than usual...we dont want to waste time on people who are not prepared to pull their weight and being irresponsible. Those that receive the training must also know that in the event of emergencies they may be called upon to perform and not be sissies and bellyache about things!!!
    Good luck