Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hash Run 1567 at Tafatafa

Afternoon Hashers
Thought I would get this posted now so you can all prepare. The Hash will be hosted by Strangler, Wax and Hornithologist at Tafatafa Beach on the South Side of the island. Take the Cross-Island Road all the way over until you get to the four corners intersection at the bottom. Turn left and carry on for about 12 to 13 Km, until you come to a sign that says Brenda's Beach Fales. It is a right turn and is just before a Mormon Church. Strangler hasn't told me whether its in the fales on the right or left but keep checking the blog. But he will put a Hash marker on the road and then place another marker at the end of the road to indicate which side. If in doubt look for the cars.

This will be a BYO BBQ, so please bring something (please no more sausage fest!). We will either have a keg or crates.

I have also been informed that the theme for the run will be a Mother's Day Hunt and Gather Relay Run, and that in honour of Mother's Day the Hashers are invited to come dressed as fa'afafines! High heels, fishnet stockings, etc. This could be seriously embarrassing! The Hash Meres can ham it up any way they like.

Keep checking for further updates.

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Poumuli, IKA Slit

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  1. what time is the run at Tafatafa