Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hash Trash 1569

The Hash was hosted by Horny Ho, Alfred and Slim Shady, with Ring Ring setting the trail. I didn’t run so no clue what it was like, but some came back very quickly!

SOTB was our GM, refreshed from the run. He called forth those new to Apia Hash, there was Ben (Swiss), Josh (brought by Wax) and Oscar from Bolivia who had been brought by Ring Ring. The GM decided to give them all a down down for knowing the rules so well. The Rethreads were Dave (busy) and Karaoke (grandmothering).

We didn’t need the Shoe Inspector to see Godfather’s gleaming new ones, although Dave landed himself one by calling him by some other name. After explaining the thievery that led to this necessity, he adroitly chugged from his shoe.
Celebrity Awards went to Dev and Double D’s closest living relative Josh for the full page Vailima draft ads. Latecummers Proboner and Eveready were also punished. Interestingly Eveready had precipitated a telephonus interruptus as he drove in for Karaoke.

This Day in History we had another event in the Lewinsky saga, when the Secret Service were forced to testify in the case. POD and Proboner took this one in his honour.

Karaoke complained about the lack of soft drinks for her big softie, which went to Horny Ho. Swinger made a completely gratuitous climate change remark and demanded that Poumuli and Chilindrina take a drink for daring to bring together climate change experts from around the regions in Apia. Swinger also nominated Horny Ho for the rackets theme – a bit lame.

Slim Shady recounted how a hasher had been bragging about shooting an eagle, which was in fact a birdie, so for the Golf Misinformation award Dev had to come forth. Then Captain Mortein and Alfred were caught in their usual pre-prandial chowing off the BBQ.

POD raised the issue of non-payment of Hash Cash and called on the Sinners Hornithologist. Dave wanted to give a wet t-shirt award, which immediately backfired into a Perving Award. Cockblocker awarded Poumuli with the Good Husbandry Award for shopping with his wife. As Bunga Bunga and her friend had revealed their bellybuttons to the Hash Flash they got the Flasher Award.

Swinger nominated Wax for the Genius Award for publishing her PhD, and she was joined by Hornithologist. Horney Ho gave Swinger the Snob Award for acting all high and mighty at a restaurant. Apparently he was on a hot date with his Mum.
CB then further added dishonour to injury by insisting that Poumuli doesn’t know how to park. He got it in return for using foul language. The hosts and the hare were then saluted – Ring Ring, Slim Shady, Horny Ho and Alfred.

Watch the blog for next week’s venue, and Slim Shady will be Assistant Trainee Scribe.

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

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