Monday, August 27, 2012

Hash Run 1637 - Cecilia & Toa'i @ Tapatapao (up by Aleisa)

Good morning All,

Trust you all had a great weekend. Tonight's Hash run is being hosted by Cecilia & Toa'i at their family home in Tapatapao (Up on the way to Aleisa and Cloud9). The hosts have kindly offered to put on a spread for this evenings run so bring a change of clothes and something warm as it gets a little bit chilly up there in the evenings.

We will have our Keg, softies and sweet nuts as per usual and please bring your hash cash $15.

Run will start at 1730hrs so try be early as we want to get back before it gets too dark.

Directions: Head up to Aleisa, and when you reach the intersection to Aleisa, carry on straight up the Cloud 9 Road. The house will be on your left hand side when you head up that road just after the 2nd "Dave Parker Eco Lodge" road sign. Look out for the Hash Sign just after Cloud 9.

Call the GM on 7600800 if you get lost..

On On

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