Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Greetings from World Hash

Happy New Year – from Stray Dog and Little Pig in Jiangmen, China!

Today as we celebrate Chinese New Year and recently the holiday season and western New Year, we have a lot to think about in our hash resolution over the next year. Here are some things you should consider:

* In many hashes, a very few people do all the work. Have you done your share of the haring, helped out with hash chores in the last year as much as you should have? Make a resolution to do your share over the next year.

* Some hashes suffer from attendance, especially in the colder months in the temperate climates or the wet months in the Monsoon areas. Make a resolution to be a REAL hasher and support your hash more over the last year, especially on those hash days when it takes a tough “resolve” to get out there and do your part.

* World Interhash Events – We are blessed this year with three events who are aiming at a world audience. While some poofters whine about it, any good hasher likes the variety and more opportunities to see others in the hash around the world. While I would like you to join me in Orlando for the 18th World Interhash, a weekend I have put on annually since 1995 for the whole world (formerly known as Global Trash Hash), I would ask that you only attend one of these events and vote with your interhash dollars. For further details, go to the calendar and look up continental or world events.

Interhash – Held in Java in May and the original interhash event aimed at the whole world. Despite past problems with graft, corruption and election fraud allegations, the current hosts promise a fair deal and the Belgium folks want your vote and support to take the next one. While tailored a world event, it has actually been held in Asia/Down-Under all but two occasions in Cyprus and Wales respectively.

The Great African Hash MigratiON – Held in Mombasa Kenya, this promises to be a gathering of friendly folks with no further agendas or elections, but just to have fun. It is a spinoff from the last Interhash event resulting from election problems alleged to have occurred in Borneo that caused the Africa bid to lose.

World Interhash – Last held in Jiangmen, China, this is a truly world interhash event being held in Orlando, Florida USA the last weekend in September. It is the lowest cost of the three and has a rich tradition of being the best bang for your buck interhash in the world annually since 1995. A great show, great trails, great food and great beer is promised, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. See you there!

HURRY – The current US$99.95 registration fee is a real bargain (when you consider $250 to $300 elsewhere), so sign up today before it goes up soon!

* Please support the World Hash House Harriers who are a non-profit group supporting the largest world hash resource at, the first hash social networking sites, and (even before there was a MySpace, Facebook or long before hashspace). We have books and other stuff on there we sell to help pay for it all, as well as the membership which gives you an embroidered patch, decal, certificate, free website/photo album, and much more for only $5 a year. Go to the marketplace for that and more goodies sold by other hashers around the world.

Now boring words…

Thanks for all the support everyone has given me and the World Hash House Harriers over the last year. We truly could not pull off this major information service without your help.

Have a prosperous and happy new year!

Cheers and On On

Stray Dog and Little Pig

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