Friday, January 27, 2012

Hash Run - 30th Jan - Sam the Fireman & HH @ Marina Hotel - Matautu

Evening All,

Next week's run will be hosted by the Fireman and HH at the Marina Hotel in Matautu. This is located, well, you guessed it, in Matautu, opposite the Marina! :)

There is also a new pool there so if you fancy a dip after the run (Pls rinse down first) then bring a change of clothes (and no peeing in the pool) - special orders from the Fire Dept.

The hosts have kindly offered to provide the spread, but we will reconfirm with them and let you know on the blog. Dont forget your hash cash.
Will have a keg and drinks as per usual

No Map for this location, head down to the marina and look for the Hotel.

On On

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