Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taumeasina Biathlon

Or Vai Vai's water torture!

Well all you Hashers, those who have done the biathlon think it’s a great thing, a lot of fun, with exercise thrown in and a few jolly drinks afterwards. Poumuli, Hot Nuts, Pussy Snatcher, Ali, Mark from Coach’s Corner and others have taken part so far and say they will return. We’ve had many helpers including Godfather, who is endeavouring to enter next time, as will Crime. GM, Lewinsky,Tooth Fairy, Desperate Housewife etc. are also threatening to have a go. We’re still looking to increase the numbers, so teams are allowed – one swimmer, one runner or any aids that you may feel necessary to get you around the swim. Remember it’s all about having fun on a Saturday afternoon. It’s also aimed at improving your time around the track each week and improving your swimming. It’s not aimed at elite athletes, just funsters.

So bring your flippers, floaties, body boards or whatever might help you complete the swims to Taumeasina Reserve for 3pm registration and only $2 entry fee. Don’t forget to bring drinks of your choice for afterwards, we only have enough beers for prizes. Captain Mortein has graciously given up his time to be our water marshall so far (thank you Captain), but he can’t do it every week (and we wouldn’t expect him to). Lewinsky also lent us a kayak last week, which we can’t always expect to use. So we still need somebody with a paddle board or kayak or canoe to help us with this job, or to lend and transport to the venue. We can’t hold this event without a paddler so “please” could somebody help out with this job or lend us some kind of floating thing. We also always need timekeepers. Hope to see many of you on Saturday at 3pm. The course is : 400mtr run, 300mtr swim, 1km run, 300mtr swim, 400mtr run. Presentation, drinks (byo)/event post mortem. Sorry, it’s not for anybody under 18 years of age.

On on, Vai Vai & Moa.
Ph: 759 7998

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